September 2016

Liquid Alternatives: What Happened and What Comes Next?

Earlier today, Andrew Beer moderated a panel discussion on liquid alternatives with Jerry Pascucci, Managing Director, Head of Alternative Investments at UBS and Robert Martorana, Director of Research at Dover Financial Research.  This NetMeeting, “Liquid Alternatives: What Happened and What Comes Next?” was offered exclusively to members of Money Management Institute.  If you would like to receive any of the highlights or key takeaways, please contact us by phone or via the link on our website.

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This tiny hedge fund has an incredible track record, and outsiders can’t understand how

Andrew Beer provides skeptical comments on hedge fund highlighted in Business Insider that almost never loses money: As for BlackBox, the performance is eye-catching, and it caught the people we asked about it by surprise. “Some of the best minds on Wall Street trade in these markets, and no one has figured out how to make 1,200 [basis points] over LIBOR and never lose money,” says Andrew Beer, managing partner at Beachhead Capital Management, an investment adviser.” Click here to read the full article  

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The alternative alternative ETF

In a recent interview in Wealth Adviser, Andrew Beer describes in detail how Beachhead Capital’s Dynamic Beta Strategy differs from smart beta ETFs and explains why the strategy is a viable option for institutional investors and consultants in search of an “alternative” alternative allocation for their portfolios. “In 2012 we thought there was an opportunity for US high net worth investors who are sensitive to tax issues to create a product using long ETFs. We wanted to create a product that could match or outperform their long/short hedge fund portfolio but only in long ETFs,” Beer explains. “We have found …

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