March 2017

Beachhead Capital Nominated Twice at Investors Choice Awards

 (New York, 23 March 2017) – Beachhead Capital Management, LLC (“Beachhead”), an investment advisory firm that specializes in liquid alternative investments, is pleased to announce that its Managed Futures Dynamic Beta and Stable Return Dynamic Beta strategies have been nominated in their respective categories at the Investors Choice Awards 2017. The annual Investors Choice Awards honor fund managers that have achieved outstanding risk-adjusted absolute returns during the preceding calendar year.  Fund managers from around the world are considered for the awards by some of the most distinguished institutional investors in the industry. The judges apply a holistic approach to the …

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FundFire: Three Myths about Hedge Funds and the Replicator Challenge

The performance of hedge fund replication has exposed three myths about hedge funds, writes Andrew Beer of Beachhead Capital. Excerpt: Myths die hard. Ten years ago, well-respected researchers concluded that simple, low cost replication-based portfolios could match or outperform illiquid, high cost hedge funds. On cue, legions of funds of funds managers and consultants whose jobs depend on selling “mysterious and opaque” hedge funds leaped to the defense of their products. Well, a decade later, the data is in, and the critics were wrong. The performance of hedge fund replication exposed three myths about hedge funds: 1. Hedge funds are …

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