May 18, 2017

FundFire Interview with Andrew Beer: “Liquid Alts Face ‘Major Reset’ Ahead”

In this interview with Lydia Tomkiw, Andrew Beer describes the issues liquid alternatives currently face and explains how generation two liquid alternatives product offer a solution. Synopsis from FundFire Alts: Many hedge fund managers have avoided the liquid alternatives space out of fear of cannibalizing their high-fee core business, says Andrew Beer, managing partner and co-portfolio manager of dynamic beta at Beachhead Capital Management. FundFire subscribers click here to access the full video, or contact us for additional information.  

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Generation Two Liquid Alts – A Two Part Series in

Andrew Beer’s recent two part series in provides an insightful look at the evolution of liquid alternatives and describes in detail how the shortcomings of “Generation One” liquid alternatives have paved the way for “Generation Two” products to deliver on the promise of their predecessor.   Part I:  Generation One Liquid Alts: Three Problems Part II: Generation Two Liquid Alts: Replication-Based Strategies

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