Six Reasons To Replicate Hedge Funds

In this recent article in AlphaWeek, Beachhead Capital’s Andrew Beer makes the case for hedge fund replication and describes how replication strategies can bring meaningful value to most investors’ portfolios. Link to article: Six Reasons to Replicate Hedge Funds

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Beachhead Makes the Case for Solving Major Limitations of Equity Long/Short Investing

PRESS RELEASE (New York, July 18, 2017) – Beachhead Capital Management (“Beachhead”), an innovative alternative investment manager, announced the release of a new report:  Rethinking Equity Long/Short:  How to Solve Poor Performance, Excessive Fees and Blow Up Risk. This timely report breaks down the issues with how retail investors added equity long/short strategies to their portfolios post-crisis.  In particular, the report examines the difficulty of picking winners in the space, and highlights that individual funds are far riskier than most allocators realize.  These issues, combined with a tendency of retail investors to select a single fund per asset allocation bucket, …

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P&I Article: What every allocator needs to know about hedge fund replication

From guest contributor Andrew Beer: In the current heated debate on hedge funds, there’s no middle ground. You’re either pro or con, in or out, red or blue. But this is, frankly, stupid. Hedge fund proponents make legitimate points about diversification, but fail to acknowledge where they’ve been flat-out wrong on many issues (e.g. wishful thinking that alpha would adequately cover fees). Likewise, the “out” camp is correct that fees are egregious, but offer no credible alternative. Redeem from hedge funds and invest in … bonds with negative yields? Equities at the tail end of the second-longest bull market in …

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