Diversification and Liquid Alternatives in 2016




If you’ve followed our research on the liquid alternatives space, you’ll recall several themes/predictions, including:

• Alternative Multi-Manager Mutual Funds (AMMFs) would underperform actual hedge funds and disappoint investors.

• Crowded hedge fund positions would underperform badly in a market drawdown. Stocks like Valeant have taken a huge toll on some hedge fund luminaries, as well as the investors who copy them.

• Smart beta returns would underperform due to strategy arbitrage and capital inflows.

• Alternative risk premia would underperform expectations due to overstated backtests and idiosyncratic risk. Today, risk premia strategies increasingly (and correctly) are viewed simply as low cost active management.

Today, not surprisingly, there is tremendous confusion about the role of liquid alternatives in portfolio diversification, as well as what works and what doesn’t. In this webinar we explore:

• Diversification: Academic Theory vs. Practice
• The Role of Liquid Alternatives in Diversification
• Case Studies
• Key Takeaways


  • Date : May 10, 2016
  • Tags : Webinars