History is Repeating Itself with Trends in Smart Beta20161020103100

History is Repeating Itself with Trends in Smart Beta

Barbara NadelOctober 20, 20160 comments
(or, Why the Quality Factor Will Disappoint Investors) In this article in HFMweek, Beachhead’s managing member, Andrew Beer, talks about the quality...
The alternative alternative ETF20160915172916

The alternative alternative ETF

Barbara NadelSeptember 15, 2016, 0 comments
In a recent interview in Wealth Adviser, Andrew Beer describes in detail how Beachhead Capital’s Dynamic Beta Strategy differs from smart beta ETFs ...
How Smart is Smart Beta?20160216090029

How Smart is Smart Beta?

Mathias Mamou-ManiFebruary 16, 20160 comments
If smart beta is smart, is my beta dumb? First, a definition:  smart beta strategies are (allegedly) better ways of getting exposure to equities, bon...